(📜, 📜) A gift to the community borne out of the ConstitutionDAO

Constitution Fractionalized

Artist Statement about the Collection
Inspired by the enthusiasm received by the ConstiutionDAO's effort to acquire an original copy of the Constitution. I contributed to the effort — and was saddened when we didn't win the auction. I realize technically with the DAO we were not really going to "own a fraction of the constitution" but rather have input on the governance around ownership — but I think many folks who jumped in — came in with blurred visions around the technicals... And this art project seizes on those foggy thoughts and takes the "fractional ownership" idea very literally...

A writeup about the collection can be found on mirror.xyz/y4000.eth

CFRAC NFTs were offered as a free mint (+gas) to anyone who contributed to the original ConstitutionDAO OR held 1,000 $PEOPLE token at the time of mint. An in depth writeup about the mint and the collection is available on the PeopleDAO Mirror: CFRAC NFT — The Mint, The Art, and The Contract
Donation to The Smithsonian Institution
Although the vision for the ConstitutionDAO's efforts were valiant — in the end there were many fissures and open questions left unanswered. The attention it has brought to the concept of DAOs and "Web3" is great! Taking a step back, we are grateful that tried and true institutions like The Smithsonian Institution exist; take great care and pride of our historic artifacts — and keep them accessible to the general public. We donated 5% of proceeds raised at mint to The Smithsonian Institution.
ERC-721 Tokens
CFRACs are stored immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-721 compliant NFT (non fungible token). Instantly tradable on OpenSea and other secondary marketplaces. Released under the NFT 2.0 License.

Contract: 0x0fB73942cdffd45ccC8517061ae7430cDdde6b50

A writeup around the technicals of the creating a large whitelist can be found here: Rewarding Your Community